Start of the season 2015 for REGAL’IN™from Spain

FLATEARLYIt is the start of the season for REGAL’IN™ peaches and nectarines from Spain this week with the flat peach variety ‘Flatearly’ and the yellow-fleshed nectarine ‘Nectabelle’.

Sugar levels measured for the flat peaches or also called “paraguayos” are already around 15% and diameter sizes are distributed between 61 and 73 mm.

The season is expected to be exceptional for REGAL’IN™ fruit with full production starting in week 26.

For this season REGAL’IN™ Europe will market fruit to over 20 European retailers (Spain, France, Germany, Benelux and Switzerland) but also to Carrefour West Indians and Reunion.

It is foreseen that the marketing in Asia, which began in 2014 in Hong Kong, will grow at a strong rate because Asian customers clearly enjoy this aromatic and sweet fruit.

Due to the constant acidity levels and firm keeping texture after harvest, the excellent storage qualities of REGAL’IN™ peaches and nectarines allow long distance export and cold transport of up to 30 days without degradation of the physical and sensory eating qualities.