REGAL’IN™ history

REGAL’IN™ is the result of passionate work that has been carried out by Arsène Maillard and his wife Laurence since the 1990s, with the specific goal to restore satisfaction to consumers by providing fruit that meets their expectations.

19961996 : AGRO SELECTIONS FRUITS established to specifically breed and develop semi-sweet fruit varieties.

The main objective of the research work lies in the optimization of fruit organoleptic qualities. For the first time in the history of plant breeding, the TASTE and FLAVOUR criteria (particularly a SEMI-SWEET taste, which is the most universally appreciated flavour) became the number-1 selection criteria. Aesthetic or fruit size qualities were simply additional criteria.

It is about improving consumption of summer fruit by offering consumers fruit that meet all their expectations, a “pleasure or gourmet” fruit with consistent quality, juicy, crunchy or melting, adding to their well-being and improving health.

It is also about providing varieties that meet the producers’ requirements (agronomic criteria, resistance to pests and diseases, uniform maturity, flexible harvest time, etc.) ; the marketers’ expectations (good fruit performance, especially the capacity to be exported via sea freight to distant markets) ; the retailers’ expectations (long shelf life without the loss of flavour).

The goal was also to create a complete range of varieties with the same characteristics, available throughout the season, in round or flat fruit, for each flesh-type, for nectarines and peaches, but also for apricots, cherries and apples.

The need for a consumer “satisfaction guarantee” required the use of an overarching brand that would identify and guarantee the promised product features: no matter the product, REGALINES® would mean “it’s really good, it’s treat!”.




2002 : : First REGALINES ® varieties planted in France.






2007 : European ISAFRUIT survey to define consumer preferences tests the varieties NECTAREINE cov, NECTARPERLE cov and MAILLARFLAT cov. The REGALINES® varieties consistently rank as leading products with regard to consumer preferences. The results of this survey confirmed Laurence and Arsène Maillard had made the correct choice of breeding objectives 20 years before!

20102010 : REGALINES® fruit production becomes significant amongst the main producing countries in Europe. Over 100 varieties spanning the entire production period, with the same characteristics, are offered to producers and retailers.






2011 : Evolution of the brand to REGAL’IN™ to create ensure a “a consumer “satisfaction guarantee’’, an Consumer satisfaction buying guide”, the “innovative Signature” and at the same timein parallel, work on the organization and structure with the role players in production and marketing




2012 (1)2012 : Test year for the launch of the REGAL’IN™ concept for flat fruit, notably the “paraguayos” produced in Spain, with two French retailers Auchan and Leclerc.