REGAL’IN™ nutritional qualities

Nutrition RegalinPacked with vitamins, antioxidants and micronutrients, I help protect and improve your daily health. I’m available all year round, so I add to your wellbeing and help keep you in shape.

REGAL’IN™ varieties are consistently ranked highly by consumers.

Based on the results of the 2007 ISAFRUIT European consumer study conducted on peaches, nectarines and clingstone peaches (published by CTIFL).

REGAL’IN™ peach and nectarine varieties selected as part of this study, consistently ranked highly in terms of consumer preferences, regardless of each consumer’s personal flavour, aroma, firmness and acidity preferences. This is delightful fruit ‘par excellence’.

REGAL’IN ™ is a delight to eat at any time!

In addition to round peaches and nectarines, REGAL’IN™ also offer flat fruit. Better known as “Paraguayos” in Spain, or the “fruit of the immortal” in Asia, they make a delightful and healthy snack. Because of their flat shape, they can be carried anywhere, eaten at any time … a delight for both adults and children!