What are REGAL’IN™ fruit?

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A range of different fruit types, including peaches and nectarines (yellow and white- flesh, round and flat), apricots, cherries and apples, covering the whole season, from the earliest varieties to the latest.

  • Consistent fruit quality.

  • Visually attractive.

  • Typical semi sweet and aromatic flavour. Acidity levels remain practically constant, even after long periods of storage, ensuring constant good flavour.

  • High-performance varieties with uniform harvest window-periods, long shelf-life without loss of quality (very good general performance and good inherent storage ability).

  • The most complete range of flat fruit (peaches and nectarines) on the market:

  • attractive fruit, meeting the latest consumer expectations

  • very distinctive semi sweet, aromatic flavour,

  • ideal for eating on the go,and guarantee a constant market space..

The REGAL’IN™ mark: the consumer’s stamp of approval

REGAL’IN™, fruit like you like it, is your guarantee of:

  • Intense aromas : pronounced flavours to delight our taste buds;

  • Semi-sweet flavour, aromatic, very slight acidity, ensuring a very particular and special flavour.;

  • Excellent texture: enjoy a crunchy melting texture just after harvest or a soft ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture after storage;

  • Visually attractive fruit: uniform, well-coloured fruit with good size;

  • Consistent quality throughout the season.